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Free Fax Cover Sheet in Word, Excel, Google, Image Format

Free printable fax cover sheet is designed professionally so that you can download and print them as per your requirement. There are several ready-to-use options for you to choose. Most importantly, there are several formats such as PDF, Excel sheet, Word, Google sheet and Image. They are completely customizable which gives you complete freedom of customization in fax sheet as per your requirement.

Types of Fax Cover Sheet

  1. Professional Fax Cover Sheet
  2. Personal Fax Cover Sheet
  3. Basic Fax Cover Sheet
  4. Confidential Fax Cover Sheet

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Download all these templates at Techno-docs for absolutely free of cost. All templates available in different formats like word, excel, pdf, google docs, etc.  


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This is a very basic sales pitch presentation deck that can be used for a small or medium sized company’s sales pitch. It includes the basic structure of a sales presentation, and leaves room for you to fill things in for your company.

The fundamentals of a sales presentation pitch deck are included in here:
– About Our Company
– What We Do (product/service overview)
– Product Options and High Level Pricing
– Product Demonstration (placeholder slide)
– Our Clients (noteworthy current customers that build your credibility)
– Details (smaller points that reinforce credibility, such as a Better Business Bureau rating, security of payment transactions, data encryption, years in business, etc)
– Next Steps (next steps of the buying process on the prospect’s side and your actions to support them. Filling out the table together at the end of the presentation helps build commitment on the prospect’s side).


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This spreadsheet provides two models for calculating the cost of sale for a revenue channel of a business.

The first model calculates costs through Contriubtion Margin.  It starts with an estimate of the lifetime value of a customer.  Next, Cost of Goods Sold and Marketing Acquisition Cost are subtracted out.  Then, the Sales Cost and Account Management costs are subtracted out.  Each of these cells reference other tabs itemizing costs such as salary, commission, benefits, software licenses, office space cost, etc. 

The sales cost is estimated by taking all of these costs and multiplying them across the number of sales people, then dividing it by the number of deals they close in a given month. This provides the cost per deal.

The account management cost (or client services cost) is calculated by taking the similar costs and breaking it down to an hourly rate for the account manager.  This is multiplied by the number of hours the account manager spends on a given account throughout the average life of an account to provide a cost per account.

The net of this model provides amount that is contributed back to the business (contribution margin) from this particular revenue channel.

The other model provides net margin per deal.  It also starts with the average lifetime value of the account and subtracts out COGS and marketing acquisition cost.  Then, instead of subtracting itemized sales and account management costs, it subtracts out the company Operating Expense (OpEx), as a percent of revenue.  Using this model, it is subtracting out operating costs associated with the entire company instead of just the revenue channel generating the revenue. The result is net profit per new account signed expressed in both dollars and as a percent of revenue.