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This is a Household Budget Template in Excel designed for monthly income and expense planning.

The left hand side in green allows you to enter all sources of income and how many times you receive each one per month.  This would include things like your paycheck, investment income, interest from savings accounts, child support, and social security (if you’re retired).

The right hand side in red allows you to enter all of your expenses and how many times you pay them per month.  Expenses would include things like rent, utilities, car payments, insurance, and other bills.

The monthly income and expense totals are also calculated automatically for your household budget.  The Remaining Cash section at the bottom in blue subtracts the total expenses from the total income to show you how much money you will have left each month after all of your expenses are paid.

This household budget template can be used for families with one or multiple incomes, or roommates sharing an apartment or house.