About Us

Have you ever done a simple Google search for a template you needed quickly, only to find yourself browsing through pages and pages of mediocre results? Or perhaps you found a site that appears to have just what you need, but you must purchase a subscription to their website before you can download what you need.

No More!

Everyday people freely share information online about subjects they are experts at. We look to allrecipes.com for great recipes, amazon.com for product reviews, and yelp.com for information on the best local venues.

hitdocs.com was created to be the home for templates and documents! We know it’s important to separate the good, the bad and the ugly, so everything posted has a star rating that is open to everyone to rank. If a document is a hit, you will see it in the ratings. Each template also has comments enabled so that anyone can ask and answer a question.

At HitDocs! we believe professional templates and documentation should be free! We need your help. Please share what you have and help us create a community of free information exchange!